Sort through your thoughts in a silly way under the pressure of time!

Controls: Mouse Right Drag and Hold to control your arm and push away the bad thoughts.
Mouse Left click to shoot your tongue out and eat the good thoughts and treats.

Saddened by his miserable life, Mr. No-Body has purchased a device to make himself happy, but this device warps his perception and understanding of what is real and what is not.
All is fine, why would he care when he can be finally HAPPY!


Programming & Game Design by Adrien

Art by Egor LOPOREV

Sound Credits:

Dad Says Yummy Sound Effect by Sergei Chetvertnykh from Pixabay

Bite Potato Chip Sound Effect from Pixabay

Bee Buzzing Sound Effect from Pixabay

Retro and Groovy Fun Music by Musictown from Pixabay


ThoughtForFood_V01 37 MB

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