You are a dice adventurer, searching for the mystical relic of the piped dice, held in the Dicegeon.

You will have to use your abilities on the faces of your die to pass the various tests of the Dicegeon.

Arrows, holes, and doors will block your way to the precious die.

Your shield side will allow you to block the arrows that will come on it.

Your hand side will allow you to interact with the levers to open the doors.

Make sure you have the right side facing the right thing for the side to work, and think carefully about how to get the right face in the right place at the right time

Moving :WASD | ZQSD

Caution, the game is a bit difficult because there is no checkpoint, the game has no music and sounds too.
If the game lags too much, you can download the windows version


all by Thesandgamer

Color palette:

Using Unity(+ probuilder, +Cinemachine)

Game made for the GMTK Game Jam 2022


Download 27 MB


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This is a pretty good game, i liked the creativity