"Any great Hero has to conquer terrible dungeons to rid the world of its ignominous inhabitants, it's a known fact. And the dirtier it is done, the better !

But how is it that these fortress are still so well maintained and full of well stocked treasures and deadly traps despite the slaughters occuring in there ?! Well : because someone is taking care of tidying everything between 2 visits, you bet !

You're the BOSS Monster of this brand new dungeon whose reputation still needs to be built. Take care of all the rooms using your abilities before the next Hero comes, in order to get the reputation you deserve."



Z,Q,S,D (W,A,S,D) = Move

Tab = Change form

E = Interact/Take/Drop

Space = Open/Close doors



Using the hammer to repair chairs, you can only do this in large form.

Use the broom to clean up bloodstains; you can only do this in small form.

Use the traps to teleport to the other trap, only in small form.


GJ commentary:

Due to a last-minute problem, the scoring system broke, which was supposed to score the player's performance according to the number of tasks accomplished.

There should have been a greater or lesser number of stars, as well as different ending images and commentary texts.



This game was made by three student friends during the GMTK Game Jam 2023, with Unity Engine. No monsters were hurt during this game jam.

Programmer - Thesandgamer

2D & UI Artist - Ilona Regnoux 

Game & Level Designer - Zoé Terrapon


Dungeon Cleaner (GJ version) 36 MB
Dungeon Cleaner (Latest) 33 MB

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